Data Reports


Data collection methods are vital to ensuring that educational programs for children with special needs are effective.   They are used to assess a variety of skills and behaviors, and to create and evaluate intervention strategies.  Research indicates that when educators perform systematic data collection and analysis, children learn more.

Barn Door Four’s individualized data allows the educator and/or parent to track, monitor and evaluate each child’s progress over time.  Data are collected and reported by Lesson, Skill and Exercise.  Each report provides data based on the following fields: correct vs. incorrect trials, percent correct, prompted trials and problem cards. The data may be viewed as a graph or a table and is easily emailed to a third party for additional analysis.  Problem cards are listed for each exercise to help the educator identify the cards and/or concepts a child might be having difficulty learning.  Quantitative data allows educators and/or parents to quickly look for emerging trends and help determine the future direction for each child’s program.



Problem Cards