Meet the Four!

Fine Motor Skills

These are skills that teach the child the functionality of using a mobile device. These include movements such as Tracing, Pointing, Pinching, Sliding, Dropping and Puzzles.

Mac likes to use his hands and fingers to follow his eyes. His mind and his body become one when he is out in the barnyard learning with his friends. He loves to figure things out with his head and communicate with his body to make something special.

Visual Performance Skills

These are skills that teach the child the ability to interpret and respond to stimuli visually. The skills include Identical Matching, Non-identical Matching, Category Matching, Color Matching, Shape Matching, and Exclusion.

Pepe the Pig loves to watch everything! He always knows what’s going on. If he really concentrates, he can step back and understand how things work together. Sometimes he gets distracted and doesn’t pay attention to the “big picture,” but he’s always excited about finding new things and looking at things in a different way!

Communication Skills

These are skills that teach the child the ability to understand language and respond to language in new ways; such as answering questions. The skills include Receptive Instructions, Receptive Labels, Receptive Functions, Receptive Body Parts, Receptive Colors, Receptive Shapes, Receptive Categories, Receptive Emotions, and Intraverbal Skills.

Lucy the Sheep loves to talk! She also loves to let everybody know what she’s thinking by using her body, her eyes and the look on her face. Even the tone of her voice will tell someone who is talking to her how she feels sometimes. Sometimes Lucy doesn’t understand what someone is trying to tell her, but she’s always patient and never judges anyone. She’s quite an amazing pig!


These are skills that teach the child to expand their understanding of language and utilize their problem solving skills to predict the sequence of everyday events. The types of skills include Object Oriented, Self-Help and Leisure sequences.

Ace the Rooster loves to keep everything in order! He’s always right on top of what should be happening at any given time. Sometimes all this order gets overwhelming, but Ace just slows down and concentrates and everything turns out OK. When the other animals or Mac get off-track, Ace is there to lend a helping hand!